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The CDC recommends all people between the ages of 13-64 get tested for HIV at least once in their lifetime but more if put at risk. HIV testing in CT is FREE through DPH funded testing programs but can be done at any health care facility, just ask.

HIV Rapid Testing

HIV testing is quicker and easier than ever before. With rapid HIV testing, people no longer have to endure the stress of waiting weeks for their HIV test results. Now, a person can learn their HIV status within minutes. A quick prick of the finger will provide enough blood to run a test.

Don’t let the word “rapid” fool you — rapid HIV tests are just as accurate as standard HIV tests (99.8%). Rapid HIV tests are an inexpensive, painless, and quick way to inform people of their HIV status on the same day.

Rapid Tests are used to screen for HIV infection but they do not test for the virus itself. A rapid HIV antibody test can detect HIV antibodies in blood or oral fluid in less than 30 minutes. Some rapid tests can also detect HIV antigen allowing HIV to be detected even sooner after exposure.