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In 2017, The DPH Commissioner appointed a 23 member Commission to use a data driven process to develop a plan with statewide and city specific recommendations on how to end the HIV epidemic in CT.

The Getting to Zero CT Vision

A Connecticut where new HIV infections are rare and People Living with HIV (PLWH) have access to high quality care and live free from stigma and discrimination.

Commission Members

Byron Kennedy, Co-Chair
Nancy Kingwood, Co-Chair
Jennifer Benjamin
Sam Bowens
Tom Butcher
Jennifer Calder
Andre Campos
Paul Cleary
Angelique Croasdale-Mills
Gina D’Angelo
A.C. Demidont
Linda Estabrook
Lauren Gau
Mark Jenkins
Luis Magana
Nathan Martinez
Willy Quesada
Kyle Rodriguez
Ronald Rouse
Pierrette Silverman
LaToya Tyson
Margaret Weeks

Population Focus

  • Young Men Who Have Sex with Men of Color
  • Black and African American Women
  • Transgender Women

City Focus

  • Hartford
  • New Haven
  • Bridgeport
  • Waterbury
  • Stamford

Our charge

  • Gather Information from Impacted Cities and People
  • Reframe the HIV Dialogue
  • Ignite Passion for the Cause
  • Engage Local Leaders and Communities
  • Develop Specific Recommendations
  • Publish Connecticut’s Plan to Get to Zero
  • Make an Impact